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Digital Signage

Digital Signage in Education

Digital Signage displays are great tools for educations establishments as their purpose is to impart knowledge. One of the best tools to help educators do this is with are Interactive Touch Displays. These displays are the future of the classroom and replace outdated interactive projectors. There are so many educational apps designed for smartphones and tablets ready for teachers to get students involved, engaged and excited about the learning process.

Interactive Touch Displays are purpose built for presenting and teaching, their large size (55”, 65” and 70”) allows everyone in the classroom to view the display. They also feature up to 10 touch points so learning with the touch screen can be a group activity instead of a solo one. A frosted etched finish improves tactility and diffuses light instead of reflecting it so the display remains clear and legible in all environments. Interactive Touch Displays are a great tool for education and collaboration.

Digital Signage within education does not just stop at Touch Screens; internal communication within schools and colleges is often an area that is overlooked. But with hundreds of students the need to convey information to them as quickly as possible is essential.

A more recent trend has been to place Video Walls in reception areas of schools. Video Walls are great as they can scale to fit any space. These are definite showstoppers and a real focal point for students and visitors alike.

Important stats

1 %

75% of teachers agreed that using Interactive Whiteboards increases students interest in class

1 %

90% of teachers (326/363) said that the Interactive Whiteboard reduced their lesson preparation time

1 %

Digital Signage boosts customer satisfaction by 46%

Suggested solutions for Education

4K Interactive Touch Display

Collaboration is now king as you wirelessly mirror from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC direct to the touch screen. Files can now be shared back and forth from the screen to your device with ease as your meetings take place. Your interactive whiteboard allows you to annotate, draw and create meeting magic with the complimentary ‘MeetingPad’ Software included. Easy access ports and controls on the front of the screen allow you to easily connect your laptop to the screen. 10 touch points mean multiple people can use the screen at any one time.

Freestanding Digital Kiosk

Integrated Castors means it can be moved easily into multiple locations. With sleek tablet like styling these screens make a great impression for any school reception area. Great for direct internal communication for staff and students alike with news such as events, wayfinding, room changes and even students achievements. Can be vinyl wrapped to reflect school colours or even a schools logo. If you upgrade to a Network screen, PDF’s and Office documents can be uploaded so staff with limited technical knowledge can create and upload content for the display.


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