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Digital Signage in Restaurants and Bars

Grabbing the customer’s attention is a top priority in Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). Digital Menu Boards are very best at replacing static and paper printed menus that were traditionally placed in light boxes. Successful Digital Menu Boards work by grabbing and keeping the customers attention while giving them relevant info about your offers. Using videos and animations can are proven to have a massive impact on customers viewing your menu.

Networked Digital Menu Boards can synchronise their content across multiple screens creating some extra stunning visuals and be used to showcase your brand and its values exactly as you want to. Our tablet-style Android Digital Menu Boards with their glass tempered front, slim profile and aluminium bezel exude quality and can help create an atmosphere that your customers will want to come back to again and again.

Important stats

1 %

One restaurant
noted a 24% increase in footfall after implenting Digital Menu Boards

1 %
Digital Menu Boards can reduced percieved wait times at checkout by as much as 35%
1 %
74% of customers say an easy to read menu is their top priority

Suggested solutions for Restaurants and Bars

POS Display

Great for up close advertising even on the counter beside the register. Our Touch CMS Software can be used so businesses can create and personalise their own content. The screens can be powered over Ethernet (PoE) or by the power cable required.

Digital Menu Boards

A commercial grade IPS panel with a brightness of 450cd/m² (twice as bright as a domestic television) and can run 24/7 with no loss in image quality. Update multiple Menu Boards instantly across several locations via our Network CMS from anywhere in the world. Schedule different menus for different times of the day, month and year. A narrow bezel makes the Digital Menu Boards more attractive when mounted side by side. Synchronise dynamic content across multiple screens.

Freestanding Digital Kiosk

Integrated castors mean the screen can be moved around easily and positioned in the areas where guests/visitors will see the screen. Update screens remotely and create templates with multiple media zones for images and videos. Display real time information on screen with widgets such as time, date, RSS feeds and weather forecasts.


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